Safe Cracker, Channel Form, Whatever Its called. Tutorial.

I’ve not had much experience using SafeCracker Channel Form, and I think its starting to show. I have a pretty typical form which is posting to a channel. But I can’t seem to… Continue reading

ExpressionEngine Admin Control

A new project required control panel (cp) user control at a level EE out of the box simply doesn’t offer. I wanted to document what my research resulted in here. Firstly I will… Continue reading

Repeating Fields across multiple Channels?

This can be annoying little problem… Honestly I don’t mind duplicating channel fields. It helps me stick to stricter naming conventions (which I suck at). But if this is a problem or annoyance… Continue reading

Remove unwanted EE generated Code with Hacksaw

Hacksaw – Free Structure is great, BUT… I’m after a navigation with all the ul and li elements stripped back to just string text. In structure you can define an option for removing… Continue reading

Switchee and the Master Template.

Switchee – Free In a new project I’ll be consolidating multiple page views into one template. [because i’m crazzzzy] Along with some other reasons this might just be the correct ‘fit’ for this… Continue reading


String – $9.95 String is a cool little plugin which allows you to define variables within EE. Quite similar to Stash. In fact, just use Stash. Maybe I’m missing something with string but… Continue reading

Quick look at some E-Commerce Add On’s

Lasting Impressions – Free This uses cookies to remember and display the visitors previously visited items. Nice little Add on for E-com site. Sticking to the theme, Expresso – $299 Store seems to… Continue reading

EE working with Structure and alternative options.

Why would you want an alternative to┬áStructure? Well I don’t know, and thats why I need to find out! Structure offers a brilliant tempting system which allows Content Admin to produce patent and… Continue reading

Quick Code Reference using Entry Type!

what code!? To make things easier for me I’ve been doing some playing with Entry Type and its great! Free and does exactly what I want. The only thing missing is a thumb… Continue reading

ExpressionEngine One template to rule them all!

I’m looking at customising the publish layout inside EE for a client project. The requirement is: Custom select field, this is a drop down provided by P&T Field pack. Click the link if… Continue reading